Safety (Virus, Malware)

Hello there, thanks for using YandereHost to downloading your favourite game Yandere Simulator. There must be a lot of question regarding file hosted here, is it safe? Does it contain virus?

Rest assured my fellow gamer/Otakus. The game is 99% safe.

OK now how about the rest 1%?

Please let me explain, there is two type of file the I’ve uploaded here, either it is Rar or Zip. Rar file is completely untouched by me, when I download it from YandereDev. Then Zip, sure to convert from Rar to Zip, I had to extract and recompress but however 100% task is done using my Android Smartphone. There is a risk if my computer is infected, it will infected the file too, but the case is different if I’m using my Android. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Next, Connection, thing could be dangerous if your connection is stolen.. Or something especially when using public wifi, however, I overcome this by using Mobile Data. All process is done by using mobile data so my connection. Sound exaggerate? Not really. WiFi is somewhat expensive (same price for Google Fibre except the speed is 10Mps, additional $15 for 30Mbps speed) in my country and mobile data carrier is a best option since there is a lot of offer like off peak quota but I still need fund.

Third Party, when I’m hosting the file I’m using third party site or app. Like Google Drive or MEGA. I’m using site that I trust and easy for me, but for you some of that site might be shady. There is a lot of option there, please choose what most comfortable with you.

Lastly, YandereDev himself.

I use MalwareBytes. I regularly scan my computer, often multiple times per month. I think the last time I encountered a serious virus was around 10 years ago. I take special care not to let my computer get infected; I don’t click suspicious links or download suspicious files.

That’s what YandereDev say, so there is almost nothing to worry about, we can take every single counter measure but let say a legendary hacker come from another world targeting YandereDev. Let hope that his computer is not attacked by virus.